WOW...another reason why i only shop @ NP

  1. WOW...another reason why i only shop @ NP

    I had just recently placed and order with Nutraplanet on wed. Now this was a vary small order, only about $60 or so.

    I was getting spoiled for a few orders in a row with, protein, dcp, etc... Now the last 3 I hadn't recived anything, heart breaking I know. So I was wondering, whats going on here?

    I put somthing in the comments box about my 3 previous orders and what ya know...................

    I got a hefty amount of a certin supp. Infact its about 2 weeks run worth and a XXL t-shirt!!!!!!!

    Sam, not that it was ever any different, but you got a loyal customer for life. Thanks
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  2. 2 weeks' worth? Damn...not even I get that kind of service.
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  3. [QUOTE=Distilled Water;877276] and a XXL t-shirt!!!!!!!/QUOTE]

    Did they send you the limited edition "Gary Coleman" version, or the regular one?

  4. Regular
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

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