Nutraplanet Rocks

  1. Nutraplanet Rocks

    So i just got my order from nutraplanet where i shamelessly asked for free samples. When i looked at the invoice it said they didnt have any free samples but as i dug through the box there were free samples of WTF pumped. You guys rock definitely will have my business from now on.

  2. I got a free shirt in my order (which was about 400bucks).

    No free samples... But great turn around time, good packaging and what more could I ask for?

    Besides ZMT, Orange Triad and DCP getting stocked so I can place my next order!

  3. I get the occasional shirt and Substance WPI samples which are always appreciated

  4. I always get stim samples. I think they're calling me fat?

  5. Well.......

    Quote Originally Posted by moklepaul View Post
    I always get stim samples. I think they're calling me fat?
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  6. I'll jump on the NP Rocks bandwagon. Placed and order int the wee hours of the morning and 12 hours later got an e-mail saying my stuff had shipped. Order arrived 2 days later. Now that's fast! Way to go, NutraPlanet!!


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