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    Looking to place an order of Applied Nutriceuticals RPM and noticed the availability indicates: Availability: Ships Within 2-4 Business Days

    Your cart contains items that will delay the processing of your order. Items marked in RED are currently unavailable to ship in the quantities requested. Expected ship dates for individual products are listed below.

    Is RPM currently out of stock?

  2. It may very well be out of stock. Pre-orders went on last week and alot of ppl ordered it.

  3. We only received half our shipment...the rest should be arriving tomorrow. You can go ahead and order now and it will go out tomorrow. 11-oxo is also now in stock!

  4. I take that back...second shipment arrived and shipping!

  5. Excellent! NP always comes through.

    Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    I take that back...second shipment arrived and shipping!



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