NutraPlanet the best

  1. NutraPlanet the best

    I ordered the mass stack and when I recieved it the citrulline malate was one big block. I emailed the nutraplanet customer service and when I checked my email they went ahead and sent me another bottle. Now thats great customer service. Another reason why I only buy from the planet. Thanks again guys.

  2. I totally concur, however I am a poor man now because of FRP-failure to resist purchases (every month)

  3. Exclamation NutraPlanet Addicts Beware

    Attn NP Customers: Due to the highly addictive nature of the PLANET, the FDA has classified NP Customer Service as a Schedule III controlled substance!

    Our customer service is so's illegal

  4. Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

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