stim x 2.0

  1. stim x 2.0

    been seeing this on your page now for a couple weeks but still not able to purchase.... is it just not in yet or what???? i know everyone is dying to get their hands on some. (specially my mother in law)

  2. Lol ya i can't wait to get this stuff either, hope they get it soon.

  3. bump??

  4. bump again. any reason why this isnt available yet? we know you got the old formula on hand BUT honestly eeveryone wants to try the new one and iis holding off on getting either, so why isnt it avainlable yet?

  5. This and DCP....

  6. I am on a enough stims, but would love to try Stimulant X 2.0...

  7. Ya stim x and the amp active are really the only stims i use and would love to try v2.


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