NP is the best!!

  1. NP is the best!!

    This is why everyone should shop NP, besides the obvious great prices. An item in my order was backordered and my stuff went out a few days late. Sam made it up by throwing in a shirt for me and my girl, a free shaker with samples in it, and $10 off my next order. Why even bother shopping anywhere else? NP is top notch for sure bros!

  2. I was talking with customer service in regard to my recent order as well. NP has always gone out of their way to treat their customers right.

    Darren does a good job.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  4. Yeah nobody beats NP i just made a big order on monday and paid 43.95 for my AP and asked since my order hadnt shipped out yet if it could be changed to the blitz sale price of 34.99......sure enough they did it....I'll never order from anyone else online!!!!
  5. Thumbs up

    Bump, Ive had great service with NP .

  6. I beg to differ....IMO, dsade is the best followed by NP would be SECOND best.
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