Idebenone Caps?!?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    AlphaGPC, I sent an inquiry about earlier today.
    Bump I would like bulk AlphaGPC, and Idebenone powder too.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by riskarb View Post
    Another vote for Idebenone powder as long as the quality is there.
    Bump... I think it would be successful even in bulk/uncapped powder. To my knowledge, there's not too many places offering it right now.
    Def interested ASAP!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
    A couple people over there asked me where I got my Na-rala. I pointed them to NP. I tried to spread the name around a bit w/out looking like a rep advertising or something.

    So nobody else thinks R-ALA (or Na-RALA) + ALCAR caps would be cool? Obviously, I want the Ideb in there but rala/alcar caps at a lower price might be more marketable. If im paying for ALA, I want it it to be R-ALA at least. I'm seeing a lot more stuff on the S isomer interfering with the R (although nothing definitive) so the regular ALA caps appeal less and less. Na or K is even better...
    I do all my ordering from nutra and am an no way trying to lose them any business but I think there is another sponsor on this forum where you could make your own "custom" blend of ingredients in a "capsule".

    300 caps each containing 100mg R-ALA (from Na-R-ALA) and 300mg ALCAR=$63.02
    1500 caps each containing 100mg R-ALA (from Na-R-ALA) and 300mg ALCAR=$235.10
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  4. Bump!

  5. I'm interested too.

  6. Dsade,

    It's perhaps time to be a cut above the rest.

    How about some MitoQ caps?

    I mentioned this some time ago in the Product Request Thread, you said you gonna look into it.


  7. Mitoquinone is not available.

  8. I'd buy idebenone powder.


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