2 Day Turn Time.

  1. 2 Day Turn Time.

    Nutra is the best.

    Ordered Sunday got it before 11 on Tuesdays, with the Cheapest Shipping Method. Thats unphathomabley fast

  2. I actually ordered semi-incognito (I needed some stuff, but I also like to check service from a customer perspective) last night at 10:00pm. This morning I woke up to 2 emails - one announcing status updated to processing, and around 15 minutes later updated to SHIPPED.

    Call it bias, but customer service is a HUGE deal to making sure everything is running smoothly. Once again, to Sam, Darren and the whole Warehouse crew...great job.
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  3. I just had an order and 57 minutes later it was shipped...I was once on the record as saying NP was dead to me.....I was just kidding

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