Man products out of stock?

  1. Man products out of stock?

    Curious if NP will be carrying more Man products in the future?

    Dr liftalot

  2. Absolutely....MAN Sports is one of THE top companies in the industry. Joey is one of the most upstanding, honest, and most innovative minds that the bodybuilding world has to offer.

    I have sent an email to Joey, asking about supply issues. I will update as soon as I hear back.
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  3. I concur: MAN is a great company.

  4. Please let me know, when you hear something.

    Dr liftalot

  5. Hey! Over here! I need some Clout!

  6. MAN is great. One of the few standup companies out there. Loved their shout out to Avant in the "Open Sesame" article.


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