Shipping Change?!?!

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    Exclamation Shipping Change?!?!

    K so useless i use EMS 3-5 days. Now when i click check-out, I only have 2 options

    Shipping Method
    United States Postal Service
    Federal Express (Recommended)
    International Economy (4-5 Days) $49.62
    International Priority (1-3 Days) $56.30

    whats up with this????????
    50$ To ship clout and BO. Insane!!! I hope its just a lil glitch or Imma get a heart attack =(

    *I live in Canada

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    This is due to the USPS shipping module being down or an incorrect address entry. FedEx rates will be more expensive because they will arrive to you before you click the checkout button.

    Give it a couple minutes and try again. You know you can't count on the gov't for reliability

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