xplode reload

  1. xplode reload

    I was just checking that this xplode reload was the one with the glycocyamine.

  2. bump

  3. let me check...will let you know tomorrow morning

  4. according to the website and the one i bought from nutra a month or so back, yes. Dunno if there was a change in formula or what not with all the glycociamine talk

  5. when is the xplode reloaded get shipped?

  6. Should be going out today.
  7. only $19.99!!!!

    i just placed an order for some xplode reload. feels like i'm stealing it from NP at just $20. with that ingredient profile, thermolife has to be taking a loss??

    i've read some pretty bad reviews on how bad the taste is though, so i'm kind of worried. maybe they've just had a hard time unloading it due to the taste?

    anyway, it's a cheap addition to my supplement stash. i'm like a supplement squirl, just keep buying and storing them even though i don't need them.


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