Let me start by saying that I love Nutraplanet. Best prices. Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. The total package (except for the occasional custom fee)

I am interested in purchasing Champiion Nutrition Pure Whey. Heard great things about the flavors. However, they are 5$ cheaper MOD EDIT: Somewhere else ( even more if u use the discount code).

Im just wondering why your price is higher for this particular product. Is it because you buy less than them and therefore have a lesser quantity discount? Anyways long story short, its just a few $ I know but Im Canadian. 10$ is a good savings especially since the shipping fee + customs are much higher for us.

Anyways, just wondering if it can be lowered. If not, I'll suck it up cuz I dont want to order from .........

On a side note...waiting for Millenium Sports to be available at Nutra =)