If you are looking for some proper carbs to stack with Anabolic Pump, then read here!

  1. Exclamation If you are looking for some proper carbs to stack with Anabolic Pump, then read here!

    NutraPlanet is proud to exclusively present the Anabolic Pump and Pancake bundle stack for only 54.95 (savings of $13.95)!!! Add them both to your cart and SAVE!!!

    **This is a limited time offer!!!

    Anabolic Pump™ is the first known Compound (OTC or Prescription) to:
    • Super saturate (literally force feeds) muscle cells with glucose and amino acids
    • Block glucose uptake in fat cells
    • Potentiate the positive effects of insulin on muscle cells
    • Block triglyceride uptake in fat cells
    • Stimulate lipolysis
    • Improve lipid profile

    How does ANABOLIC-PUMP™ work?

    ANABOLIC-PUMP™ makes food more anabolic by utilizing the natural power of the most anabolic hormone in the world - INSULIN. In our quest for perfection, diet is the ultimate key to success. Basic fact is that food is the most ANABOLIC substance in the world. You can inject insane amounts of testosterone and deca, along with handfuls of d-bol and anadrol and without the proper diet – YOU WILL NOT GROW! Ask around…this is bodybuilding gospel.

    By harnessing the power of muscle specific insulin and food, ANABOLIC-PUMP™ takes NATURAL growth to UNNATURAL levels! Insulin is the most powerful anabolic hormone produced by the body, while food constitutes the very anabolic building blocks of muscle tissue. Professional bodybuilders administer insulin and eat insane amounts of food for RAPID strength and size gains. Insulin, without a doubt, forces muscle to grow FAST. Unfortunately, insulin also forces FAT CELLS to grow FASTER – YUCK! What you end up with is a HUGE mass of muscle covered in a THICK layer of FAT. In a Perfect world fat cells would be RESISTANT to the action of insulin. Like the moronic cliché “have your cake and eat it too” Why bake a cake and not eat it? With ANABOLIC-PUMP™ you eliminate the guilt of eating the cake. Yes, we’ve created the perfect world… well… the perfect supplement at least!

    Isn’t insulin an extremely dangerous drug?

    Yes, insulin is the most anabolic hormone but it’s also the MOST dangerous. ANABOLIC-PUMP™ is 200% SAFE and HEALTHY. ANABOLIC-PUMP™ is not an insulin like substance. ANABOLIC-PUMP™ is a brand new class of natural anabolic called SIMS.

    What is SIMS?

    SIMS stands for Selective Insulin Muscle Sensitizer. Yes, ANABOLIC-PUMP™ forces your body to naturally become super efficient in utilizing insulin ONLY in muscle cells. The miraculous nature is that it COMPLETELY shuts down the fat cell’s affinity to store glucose and triglycerides while causing LIPOLYSIS! Yes, read that again! Completely shuts down the fat cell’s ability to store glucose and triglycerides while force feeding your muscle cells. Go ahead, take a moment to let that sink in…

    What does that mean?

    Muscle growth and fat loss at an extremely fast rate while improving health! It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Do you “FEEL” ANABOLIC-PUMP™ or should we just believe you?

    Approximately 1 hour after the first dose those “IN TOUCH” with their own physiology will FEEL ANABOLIC-PUMP™ working its magic. The “PUMPED” sensation is unavoidable. We are talking a REAL PUMP not useless vasodilatation.

    There is that “PUMPED” word again. Are you pitching useless propaganda like the NO2 supplement market?

    NO2 products are regarded as perception products as they relate to gaining muscle. You get the perception that it’s working solely on the basis of the PUMP. The PUMP feel is a terrific tool to sell product, however a very poor way to judge muscle growth. A great analogy is a balloon filled with helium. For a period of time it appears to defy gravity and floats in air, however it’s only a matter of time before the balloon deflates and loses it’s magical powers. While NO2 products may not be the best choice for long term quality muscle gains, they certainly have value in the endurance market.

    Comparing ANABOLIC-PUMP™ to NO2 is like comparing Testosterone to vitamin C.

    Speaking of testosterone - as a user of steroids and growth hormone, do I need this supplement?

    YES! Imagine force feeding your muscles with glucose and amino acids in a super anabolic state while PROMOTING FAT OXIDATION! You would be foolish not to use ANABOLIC-PUMP™ in conjunction with these compounds. Human growth hormone lowers your sensitivity to insulin, therefore ANABOLIC-PUMP™ makes PERFECT sense!

    You claim and describe a miracle substance. Has it been REAL WORLD tested?

    Of course! USPLabs runs extensive beta testing programs with every supplement we release. In FACT, we let our customers tell US what our products do! While ANABOLIC-PUMP™ sounds too good to be true, it has been real world tested by your peers with a 100% success rate. Please visit logs at USP Labs

    Does ANABOLIC-PUMP™ contain 15 different ingredients mixed in a bucket?

    At USPLabs, we boycott the “Garbage Pail” formulas. Some companies assume that if you combine 15 different ingredients, something is bound to work. Unfortunately, a few ingredients in these formulas are potentially dangerous and can send you running to the restroom in the middle of a bench press!

    ANABOLIC-PUMP™ is a Patent Pending engineered extract of the Phellodendron Chinense Plant. The USPLabs research team has been in India studying and botanically engineering the proper extract for the past 2 years. We did it with Cissus Rx. Would you expect anything less than innovation from USPLabs? Other companies copied Cissus Rx… it’s just a matter of time before the mock ups come. Cissus Rx has changed the joint healing supplement market with ONE INGREDIENT. We will do it again with ANABOLIC-PUMP™!!

    ONE INGREDIENT with unbelievable qualities at 500mgs per dose!

    If you can not comprehend the UNBELIEVABLE nature of the above ...Go back to curling in the Squat Rack!!!!
    Label Information

    Anabolic Innovations' Pancake Mix (very delicious!)

    Delicious Pancake and Waffle Mix by Health Cheat Foods.

    40/40/20 Ratio of Protein/Complex Carbs/Health Fats

    This is a great way to start your day off smart!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No Problems....NutraPlanet.com!....Welcome to our World!

  2. This deal is worthy of the BIG MAC


  3. Great offer! You guys at NP rock!

  4. A HUGE Thank you to USP Labs and Nutra Planet.

    Jacob, the owner of USP Labs, called me one day after he had tried some Healthy Cheat Foods Pancake Mix and said hey these would be a PERFECT meal to use with Anabolic Pump! Let's do a promo together.

    I thought it sounded GREAT. So the obvious place to have the promo was Nutra Planet so here it is

    Anabolic Pump (90+ caps) By USPLabs

    A GREAT price get it while they last. I am not sure how many they will be doing but I don't think it will last very long.



  5. Holy cow...did anybody else see the price on this combo yet?

    $54.95 for a bottle of Anabolic Pump AND a 3 lbs bag of Healthy Cheat Foods Pancakes!

    EDIT: Yes, it's in the first post, but it's worth repeating! LOL.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  6. Hey I just got some sugar free syrup at Walmart for less than $4 and it tastes GREAT on the Healthy Cheat Foods Pancakes.

    Infact I think I will whip up a batch when I am watching Florida play for the national championship tonight.




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