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In support of man’s enduring struggle to improve on that which he has done in the past, Designer Supplements™ is proud to unleash the next step in maximizing post-workout nutrition. Through enhancement of the anabolic period immediately following exercise, Replenish™ is a great tasting post-workout formula that will maximize training, replenish key macro and micro-nutrients necessary for recovery, and put you well on the way to energy storage and growth

Training – Sending the Signals

From weight lifters to endurance athletes, the process of heavy or strenuous training utilizes energy, depletes glycogen, and breaks down muscle tissue. In order to compensate for these effects, the human body must quickly begin sending the signals of repair. Bearing in mind these mechanisms, the post-workout period is an ideal time to exploit the body’s natural signals in order to initiate recovery and growth, but obviously this can only occur in the presence of proper nutrition. While nutritional goals after training are also dependent upon what is consumed before and during training, the time immediately following exercise is when the body is most sensitive to nutrients and the proper fuels can rapidly switch the body from a state of catabolism to a state of anabolic growth.

While the exact chain of events leading from a damaged muscle to a fully repaired and stronger muscle are still being decoded by scientists, what bodybuilders have known for decades is that protein and carbohydrates are essential to the process. While this anecdotal information has seemed obvious for years, recent science has moved into the more credible direction of amino acid metabolism, protein synthesis, and glucose uptake for muscle repair and has opened many eyes and minds to new means by which the recovery process can be enhanced to exploit growth pathways.

Combining the fundamental knowledge known for decades and proven by science with some novel inclusions to improve the efficiency of the formula, Designer Supplements has formulated Replenish™ to work with the cascade of signals sent by the body in response to training. Without further ado, allow us to explain each inclusion in the formula and elaborate on how Replenish™ works.