Looking for Anabolic Pump?

  1. Looking for Anabolic Pump?

    Join the club...so are we!

    Here is the official word: USPLabs shipped it out in a timely fashion (thanks Jacob) and it was due to arrive Monday. Well I just so happened to see DHL drive by this evening and I jumped in my ride and hunted them down. I caught the driver and asked her "Hey you got a delivery for NutraPlanet?" and she responds with "oh yeah, I tried to deliver it Monday but there was so suite number". Well I callled DHL and talked to a rep and low and behold the suite number was there! This driver didn't take the time to actually read the label and open her eyes to spot where we were to deliver the package.

    So...bottom line, I have DHL delivering the package tomorrow morning, with directions, and my cell number to call in case a similar situation occurs. Therefore, tomorrow we will have our Anabolic Pump and Super Cissus, and I will have the NP monkies working overtime to get all these back orders out ASAP.

    Thanks to all our loyal customers for their patience and understanding.

  2. Seems like all deliveries are taking their sweet frickin time. My NP order from the 7th is still not here...FedEx I'm going to beat your door down if I don't get my protein soon!

  3. Stryder is a hunter.... literally. LOL, now that's customer service Sam.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

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