Question on Bulk NAC

  1. Question on Bulk NAC

    I have some bulk NAC from NutraPlanet I bought I couple of months ago. I opened it and it looks crystaline like salt. Before I always used the capsules but it was in powdered form in capsules. Is this how it is in the bulk for from NutraPlanet or could it be something else like BCAAs ? Let me know. Thanks

  2. That is how NAC is. Does it also stink lol BCAAs are more light and fluffy if that makes sense.


  3. I'm curious on this as well. The last order I received is very sour, similar to ALCAR which is what I was used to. The previous orders before had no taste, very similar to taurine.

  4. All the NAC i've ever gotten has been very sour and crystaline.

  5. It's an acetate salt, so it will be kinda sour (vinegar like) and crystalline
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