Order won't process...

  1. Order won't process...

    Hey guys...my moms is trying to order some stuff and it won't let her finish the order...

    I tried to do it as well and it won't "proceed to checkout"...

    Let me know what to tell this woman...she's addicted to you guys just like I am...

  2. Same here...

    The actual Check Out button simply reloads the Cart.

  3. Any items in the shopping cart are "will ship in 2-4 days" or shown in red? If you remove them from the cart, can you proceed to check out showing the shipping options?

  4. Those are the only things they need right now...haha

    Anyway we can get it so that this can process?

  5. My guess is those are out of stock and the ETA is unclear or longer than 2-4 days. Therefore the system automatically keeps you out of the check out process. In my case, after I removed those products and only those in stock remained (ship in 1-2 days), I could go all the way to check out (finalizing step 3). With the out of stock items, I was trapped in a loop, always stuck at the shopping cart, never able to go to step 1 of check out. Just sharing my experience. May I suggest you send Customer Service an email? NP may or may not make an super express urgent light-speed order from the manufacturers just for you.



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