***NUTRA DOES IT AGAIN***....supplement reviews too!

  1. ***NUTRA DOES IT AGAIN***....supplement reviews too!

    I would like to take this time to once again congratulate Nutraplanet on their amazing service. My package arrived extremely fast as usual. If any of you guys out there don’t order from Nutra, I really recommend that you do. There prices are very competitive, they often have great deals, and their line of bulk products is unparalleled both quality wise and price wise. Not to mention the customer service and timely delivery as well, but the packages are always carefully packed and well-protected. With that being said, let me give a review on the products that I had ordered from them.

    Blender Bottle

    Quality-Definitely the sturdiest shaker I own. I have various shakers, such as the GNC one which I’m sure most of you have, but this one is even more solid and sturdy. The cap screws on tight, and I didn’t have any leaks with vigorous shakes. One of things I really like about the blender bottle is quality of the snap lid, it extremely well built. A major problem that I had with the GNC shaker and some others is that the cheap plastic would often break. It doesn’t seem like this one is going to break anytime soon.

    Functionality-This is the blender bottles’ real strong point. What made me buy this shaker was the product description, about how well it is supposed to blend. Let me tell you, they weren’t lying. The design is so simple yet the most effective shaker I have. Rather than having that plastic diffuser insert like most shakers, this one has a little metal ball that you place inside the shaker. It also is wound like a spring, and it really whips up the shake nicely. I even tried to use it with an old bottle of cheap whey protein, it there was not one clump in it, the entire shake was silky smooth.

    Downsides-The only downside I can say I have about this shaker is the fact that it doesn’t have one of those smaller holes to open so you can chug a drink. But the mouth is wide enough that you can still gulp one down very fast and chug one without the hole. You might have been able to drink a shake slightly fast if there was a hole, but the design still allows quick drinking if you so desire.

    Next time I order from Nutraplanet, I’m going to order a few of these things. I’m convinced that no matter what supplements you put in it, even those cheap chalky supplements in addition to bulk BCAA’s and whatever else you put in your shake, the blender bottle will mix it nicely. Definitely a great product, and I’ll never use a different type of shaker again. Try it out for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Bulk BCAA’s

    Texture-One of the things I immediately noticed about Nutra’s bulk BCAA’s was that they were much finer than other BCAA products I have used in the past. I have always used BCAA’s pre and post workout for a long time, and I used Optimum’s BCAA powder for the most part. I never really noticed that Optimum could have done a better job in making the product finer until I received by bulk BCAA’s from Nutraplanet. Needless to say, Nutra’s BCAA’s mixed a lot easier. Usually when I used to put Optimum’s in a shaker, it would often just rise to the top in a foamy-like mess. Not the case with Nutra’s, however. They mixed in fine and very easily. Initially I thought this was due to the use of the blender bottle, but I tried it with my regular shaker as well and they mixed just fine.

    Quality-Excellent quality, period. The results I had from using their BCAA’s were on par with all the other BCAA products I have tried, if not better. The price is also unbeatable on them as well. I didn’t second guess the quality of the product I was receiving, as I have always been very pleased with the quality of Nutraplanet’s bulk line and will continue to purchase them.

    Downsides-The only downside that I could think of was the same thing that we all deal with when it comes to BCAA’s….taste. But all BCAA powders that I have used have had that slightly bitter taste. The problem was easily solved by using a packet of crystal light. The taste was also not noticeable at all when I added them to my protein shake.

    I hope these reviews help some of you out there. I know it’s nothing big, but I figured I’d put them up here just in case people were wondering about these products, because I was when I was looking at them. If you don’t have a blender bottle, get one, you won’t regret it. And if you’re unhappy with your current BCAA product, give Nutra’s a shot, I was very pleased with them.

    I also have some other supplements that I had ordered from Nutraplanet, and when I get to using them I will post reviews for them as well. If anyone has any other questions, let me know and I’ll be glad to answer them. (This goes for past supplement postings as well)

    P.S. Hey Nutra…one of the other products I had ordered was the 2lb container of Optimum Casein. Just recently, I saw a 4lb container available on some other websites. Is there anyway that you guys could start carrying these? I would much rather buy from you guys as I buy all of my supplements from Nutra, this would be great.

    Take care,


  2. Great feedback. Thanks.
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  3. Nutraplanet is top notch for sure.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Great feedback. Thanks.

    No...thank you guys!

    ...Is there any chance though that you can get your hands on that 4lb casein though dsade??? pretty please???

  5. Will get the 4lbers in for you very soon MiKeY

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    Will get the 4lbers in for you very soon MiKeY
    It's reasons why this that Nutraplanet is the best. What other supplement site has such products and great prices, and strives so hard to get product for their customers. Thanks so much to all of you @ the planet for taking care of my orders like you guys have been doing.

  7. That and they always snuggle afterwards, which is nice.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    That and they always snuggle afterwards, which is nice.
    LOL, I prefer it when they get up and make me a sandwhich afterwards.

  9. Those ho's don't do that for me?!! Bio's gots some heads to slap!


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