nutra flavor packs

  1. nutra flavor packs

    bought 1 rasberry lemonade to flavor my kwick karb, so is one of the flavor packs enough to flavor 1 kilo of kwick karb or can one pack be used for two or three kilos? Has anyone tried this that can give a good ratio?thanks

  2. i think the flavor is subjective and the ratio is entirely up to you izza:

  3. 1/8th of tea spoon is what I use to make my drinks n it works great! Well I actully use two scoops of it but yah, if u make a shake just put in 2 scoops. For the whole container idk bout that.

  4. i THINK it's ~5% that was recommended for whey, i would say err on the low side and u can add more

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