My first supp order in a long time... love you guys!

  1. Talking My first supp order in a long time... love you guys!

    1x Probiotic Defense Powder By: NOW Foods
    1x Adrenal Support By: NOW Foods
    1x Bulk Cissus By: NutraPlanet
    2x Celadrin & MSM By: NOW Foods
    1x Fenugreek By: NOW Foods
    1x HAVOC+FREE Methoxy TST By: RPN
    1x Super Enzymes By: NOW Foods
    1x Yohimbine HCL Powder By: NutraPlanet
    1x Raspberry Ketones By: NutraPlanet
    Sub Total: $138.27
    United States Postal Service (Priority Mail) (3.17 lbs): $12.80
    Coupon Discount(s): -$12.80
    Total: $138.27
    I know, I know, it's a badass order and you're all jealous... don't feel bad.
    Saved some good money with that coupon too, enough for two giant carne asada quesadillas... nice.
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