1. Speed

    Hi folks, I noticed you are selling this product from legal gear called "Speed" for $10, that's a pretty sweet deal. Can anyone tell me about this ingredient "Cyclicone" - what does it do? Is it safe?

    And does anyone know if I would have any troubles getting it through aussie quarrantine?

    And will you continuosly be adding new products during this moving sale? I'm really hoping to get some of BSN's new fat burner or Scivation's Dialene 4 before the sale ends (assuming you intend to carry those products, and they are available to you by then).

  2. I don't know much about it myself; however, that item's been out of stock since very close to the start of the sale (was there like 2 to sell?!).

    One big wish for the NP website is some indication that something's out of stock so you know not to get excited and click for the full product description!

  3. We actually had 4 cases of Speed...but when you are selling them for $17.25 BELOW cost (we paid about $28) needless to say they are not going to last long at all...

    ...the site should also tell you that the product is out of stock.

  4. Definitely was a fantastic price!

    As far as telling if something's out of stock in non-detail view: Go to Clearance and scroll down the list. You'll find Speed with its amazing price, but no indication that it's no longer available.

  5. If you click on it, it does.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo View Post
    If you click on it, it does.
    Yeah, but that was my original point. Be nice to see it on this screen, too. Save a little bit of time, especially when they're running a great sale and all the good stuff is going fast/already gone.

  7. This is the second time something was gone immediately. First the xyience sold out as soon as it posted, then the speed. I'm sharking in the store now, c'mon $5 tubs of Xtend!

  8. Bugger, but still, does anyone have any info on this "Cyclicone", it's probably useless but I'm curious

  9. supposedly it's somehow related to nicotine. explaining how their own products works has never seemed to be one of legal gear's strong suits, but I haven't really seen any feedback anywhere

  10. i got a sample pack of speed when i bought formadrol a while back. imo- even at 10 bucks its not worth it. one of the worst products ive ever tried.

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  11. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    i got a sample pack of speed when i bought formadrol a while back. imo- even at 10 bucks its not worth it. one of the worst products ive ever tried.
    What were the downsides? Any pros to it at all?

  12. I can't believe that for every kilo of BCAAs at NP, you are SENDING OUT $10 to customers.

    I guess the Planet is cleaning up through VOLUME!!
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