Dicana for $19.99...DCP for $26.50

  1. Dicana for $19.99...DCP for $26.50

    ...just purchased my cutting stack for 2 months from now. I plan on combining these w/ AP...

    This the second order I've made in 2 weeks...my wife is gonna be pissed...

    Excellent work Nutraplanet!

  2. ive been waiting for this **** to go on sale and i missed out

  3. what the heck, it doesn't say 19.95 anymore for the dicana. Please put it back on sale for today!

  4. Stryder, Dsade;

    Is there any chance of seeing more Dicana at $19.95? It sounds like you've got several folks (me being one) willing to pull the trigger if so.

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