Well guys, I placed another order today before I even got my first one yet. Thank God I don't use credit cards anymore!. I guess I'm falling into the supplement "trap" again. I need professional help!. One thing though, I am wondering about my money order. What I usually do is get a Western Union Money Order. Where it says "Payment for account" I put down the order number. I have always done this and use money orders all the time with no problems. This time though I wrote the first two numbers down wrong and crossed them out and re-wrote it. I contacted Western Union "Customer Service" to ask them about it. First of all when I started asking the Indian he interupted me, so I started again and I was rudely interupted again. He just told me that that portion is for the Bank and not for me to fill out. He read a script to me saying how to fill out a money order and also said the person "might" have trouble cashing it, its up to the bank. Then he went on to tell me "go ahead and send it".....I really doubt Nutra will have any trouble with it as this is how I always write them out and also I only crossed out the first two numbers of the order number and re-wrote it. Sometimes I wonder why even call customer service?. I don't even think this Indian understood me. Western Union should teach their Indians how to speak proper english and how to understand ENGLISH!. This Indian thing is not only with Customer Service, its also so called "Tech Support" for a lot of PC manufacturers. Even though I know what I am doing when it comes to computers, someone elese often knows more or knows about specific issues that may have been handled before...So I do call Tech support sometimes when I want a quick answer, but almost always I fix the problem while I am on hold for 20 minutes and just hang up!.

Really now, these "tech support" and "customer service" reps just don't know what they are doing and just follow a script. I know this first hand because the wife used to work for an outsourcing company for Dell!. The people that did "customer service" also did "Tech Support", they didn't require any pc related training at all, all they did was follow a script!. "Click here if its this, Click there if it is this, then tell customer this, customers response> tell them to do this."

These people could learn a lot for Nutraplanet Customer Service. These guys are the best!. I had an issue with my last order and it was quickly fixed in a timely maner. They also know what they are doing!.

By the way I named this thread wrong. The order is for me, but when I say my friends I meant nutraplanet. I would have renamed it but I guess you can't edit the name of the thread...