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  1. Question Few questions

    First I wanna say NutraPlanet's shipping is great.Got my package fast and the prices were great.And of course I definitely appreciated the free shipping.Thanks for that.

    I just have a few questions if you don't mind.

    I ordered the MassPump stack which I plan to take 2-2-2 today just to see how it is,I'll play around with the doses until I find the right one.

    I also ordered Taurine,GMS and Leucine.My question is how should I dose the Taurine and GMS with the MassPump Stack??

    I plan to take all this pre-workout along with 3/4 tsp.bulk Cissus,2 PowerFULL caps and some Green Tea Extract.The Leucine I plan to take post workout with my Whey and ground oats shake.Is there a better time to take the Leucine?? Maybe pre-workout??

    I also take Anabolic Pump and was wondering if the Citrulline Malate has insulin mimicking properties.I did'nt think it did,but I was looking at a tub of Shock Therapy I have and it's listed under the Insulin Delivery system.So just wondering about that aswell.

    Sorry for all the questions.Thanks again for the great service and low prices.

  2. Hey there, i'm sure you will probably get your answers here but it may help if you break apart your questions with the products mentioned into the sections that make them. i.e., Anabolic Pump in the USP forum. Of course if you get your answers here that's fine too but if you don't that is an option I would take.

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