Can't you guys move any faster?!?

  1. Can't you guys move any faster?!?

    I mean, I place an order at 10:21 this morning and it's shipped by 3 this afternoon?

    It's not like it was a little order or anything...

    I mean couldn't you guys work a little harder over there?


  2. I made a similar thread, but as I order at 10pm they made me wait until 11 am the next day.

  3. men.. never satisfied huh

  4. I hate when I place an order on Sunday and it doesn't ship out until Monday

  5. I know, and the expected deilvery date is Tuesday...that's just not right...

  6. Thanks again...just got the package at lunch and popped my first MassFX.

    Gonna throw on one of my nutraplanet t-shirts at the gym today...i finally got a large this time...

    Thanks guys!


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