"1/4 tsp" How does that equate to a "0" Cap?

  1. Question "1/4 tsp" How does that equate to a "0" Cap?

    Hi there, I'm trying to estimate how much Na-rala there would be in an 0 cap.

    I find the 1/4 a bit vague... I even have different sized teaspoons , so I don't really know what's what. Is it a level teaspoon? I guess I could do a full one level(?) tsp then chop it in quarters/fourths (with my curtains shut lol)

    I guess my original question still stands, but I guess this has become a "is it a level tsp measure?"

    Thanks guys

  2. I don't know how much Na-rala there is in a 0 cap, but for your measuring purposes, use a MEAUSURING teaspoon. Buy a set at almost any grocery store. Make sure it has a 1/4 tsp. in the set. 1/8th and 1/2 are very helpfull also.

  3. Aha!

    Thanks for that.

  4. You could get a scale to make sure your spoons are accurate.

  5. These trusty and convenient pocket scales will surely resolve your problem!

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    Pocket Scale ES Series (0.01 g)-
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  6. I concur with NPCS at the very least get a .1gm accuracy scale.This will save a lot of time and guess work.Its saved me much grief I know that.

  7. With the use of a tamper, the volume of powder becomes irrelevant, as you can compress it. Pay attention to how many tsp's you are spreading on the capper (and divide by 50). Double check your work by taring a pocket scale with an empty cap, and then replacing with a full one.

    *Note- I am assuming you are using a NOW Foods cap'm quik capper.
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