Different Looking DCP/Sesamin Caps

  1. Different Looking DCP/Sesamin Caps

    I just received an order from Nutraplanet today (great turnaround time as always btw) and upon opening the box noticed that the new bottle of DCP bottle I had ordered was much bigger than previously was the case. Upon inspecting the contents, I see that there is a new style of capping being used, with a much larger gel capsule, and the contents seemingly suspended in a jelly like material.

    I also opened up a new bottle of Scivation sesamin as well, and noticed the same style of capsules and contents, with the liquid capsules having been replaced by a gelcap with a jelly-like content similar to the DCP. The new capsule contents are lighter, looking much closer to Avant Labs liquid sesamin colorwise.

    Is there a new type of capping technology that's being used in both of these cases? In any case, hopefully this new style of capping can avoid issues with capsule content stability, as I did have a number of DCP capsules in which the contents had first shriveled up, and upon very close examination appeared to have small bits of mold interspersed among the capsule contents.

  2. Yes, they are different and yes, they are better. These take advantage of the same technology as the new Scivation Sesamin caps, which makes for a better blend and better delivery of actives.

    We went with a larger capsule size and, therefore a larger bottle, to make sure there was enough room for the actives and oil suspension.

    This IS a new capping technology, Nitrogen Purged Instant Bonded (NPIB) perfected by my business partner. GUT health takes advantage of this technology as well.

    The procedure protects all ingredients from Oxidation because all oxygen is purged out of the dead space in the capsule, which is then filled with Nitrogen. The capsules are completely double bond sealed to make sure they are uncompromised. This is one of the main ways that GUT Health's organisms remain viable at room temperature.

    We were also able to enteric coat the GUT Health.

    As you will find with the Sesamin, this procedure is vastly superior than the previous method.

  3. Here is a write-up I personally received from Scivation regarding the new caps:

    The New Scivation Sesamin Sci-Cap™

    The Sesamin Leader Just Got Even Better
    Scivation Sesamin Sci-Caps™ Coming Soon to Your Favorite Retailer!

    Scivation Sesamin is the top Sesamin product available, period. From verified, independent lab tests to real world results, Scivation Sesamin has set the standard in healthy fat loss. Now, with a new, patented delivery system, Scivation has taken Sesamin to a whole new level…

    The Sci-Cap™ Revolution

    Scivation brings you Sesamin Sci-Caps™. Sci-Caps utilize a unique, patented delivery system that provides 1,000mg of a greater than 50 percent extract of Sesamin Lignans, and also stabilizes the Sesamin in Candelia Wax. Candelia Wax is a natural, plant-derived wax that is used commonly in kosher and vegetarian formulations. Unlike other liquid capsules, the Sesamin and Candelia wax (the only two ingredients in Sesamin capsules other than the gelatin capsule!) form a solid mixture inside of the capsule rather than free-flowing liquid. This provides for maximum protection and stability of the Sesamin in various climates as well as reduces the risk of melting, where softgels will stick together over time.

  4. Now I have no idea on the answer to this question, so it might sound really dumb.

    I assume ingesting pure nitrogen into the stomach is okay?

  5. Considering air is around 78% Nitrogen (if I am not mistaken) it would be no different than ingesting a little air.


  6. Interesting timing on this, as I'll be switching over to the new style DCP and Scivation sesamin caspules at the same time. I was intending on increasing my cardiovascular exercise a touch and slightly lowering calories, but perhaps if this new capping technology is in fact that much better I won't need to! (maybe wishful thinking on my part, but why the hell not?)

  7. Why not do both, to make sure?


  8. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Considering air is around 78% Nitrogen (if I am not mistaken) it would be no different than ingesting a little air.

    Wow, for someone going to medical school, I sure am retarded.

  9. Will any DCP bottles sold from this point forward have the new caps? Would the new capping technology bring Scivation caps closer to Sesathin in terms of effectiveness?

  10. All the DCP bottles sold from this point forward use the new technology.

    As fas as the sesamin caps, I think only time will tell.


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