Some great products to try.....

  1. Some great products to try.....

    Hey guys/gals,

    Just thought I would pop in and write about my experiences with some new stuff I tried from NP.

    First, I am now officially in love with l-tryptophan!!!! I normally can't sleep when i start my contest prep but I take 5 each night and I am out!!!!

    Second, I have been using the formestane powder mixed with penetrate and I absolutely can not get ready for my contests without it. The leaning out effect and the bulging veins are awesome.

    Third, I have been using the DCP at 6-9 caps/day stacked with Sesamin at 4 caps/day and I can't get fat lol!!!!!!!


    Just thought I would share some of this info with you guys as i really enjoy using these supps.....


  2. Thats good to hear about the Formestane, im really interested in this product

  3. Same here! I left a post in the long Formestane thread in this forum with a few questions if you don't mind checking it out.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Grexx!

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