Leviathan is now ready for shipment at the Planet!!!

  1. Leviathan is now ready for shipment at the Planet!!!

    Thats right! For only 29.99, you too can get ripped with Leviathan!!!

    Leviathan (90 caps) By Palo Alto Labs

    Leviathan, the first supplement to ever successfully combine ultra-intense fat burning potential with explosive lean muscle building. Typical fat burning products are designed to only burn fat at the sacrifice of also burning off hard gained muscle mass.

    Not Anymore......

    With Leviathan, a cutting phase is no longer necessary to make sure you are lean and ripped enough for competition. Leviathan will shred you up fast while enabling you to continue to pack on the slabs of ultra dense lean muscle you're going to need to dominate. Never again will you have to sacrifice those hard fought for muscle gains in order cut fat.

    Leviathan was engineered unlike any other product to provide you with the following extreme fat burning and lean muscle building benefits:

    • Produces extreme Anti-Catabolic Fat Burning which results in Fat Lipolysis while preserving lean muscle mass.
    • Increases Norephinephrine production, the single most important hormone for burning fat, by over 50%.
    • Promotes Neuro Intensification & Aggressive Focus for powerful energized workouts.
    • Stimulates the body's natural testosterone production Non-Hormonally causing your body to constantly be in an anabolic state, allowing optimal lean uscle gains and overall Muscle Hardness.
    • Increases the levels of “good estrogens” (2-hydroxyestrogen) while reducing the level of "bad" estrogens (16-hydroxyestrogen). Not only does increased production of 2-hydroxyestrogen result in higher levels of testosterone output but 2-hydroxyestrogen also has been shown to rapidly metabolize fat.
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No Problems....NutraPlanet.com!....Welcome to our World!

  2. This stuff looks pretty interesting. Kind of a different stack from what I can tell. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?

  3. I've been watching this. I want to believe it'll work but, I'm just losing faith in these 'recomp products'. Looking forward to seeing some feedback.

  4. def cant wait to see feedback

  5. Looks good, I would be happy to log it if i had money to blow on it, my last order killed me. Looks promising but i would use 6 caps ed. Anyone out there want to pick some up and give some much wanted feedback? Or send it to me and ill try it

  6. I currently have a log going on over at bb.com
    Seems like a legit fat burner thus far.

  7. The claims for 3,3'-diindolylmethane sound interesting, but I have no idea as to their validity or relevance. Other than that it doesn't seem really different from any other fat burning stacks/products I've seen except for some variability in the ingredients. Plus the per serving amounts relative to the ingredient list lead me to think it may be underdosed. Though that's not particularly unusual.

    Found the threads here on DIM, thought I remembered it from somewhere. Easy to search on if anyone is interested. Seems overhyped but might have some benefits. Dr. John just chimed in on one of the threads even though it was from a while ago and might chime in yet again on DIM specifically.

  8. It's good stuff. I'm running a log on it over at edit: not a good idea . I beleive the title is "Josh's Leviathan log" or something similar.

    I'm liking it a lot so far, but check out my log for details. There are several of us testing it over there, so you can get feedback from a variety of sources.

  9. i too am running a log, i love it thus far. good ****, i got a great buzz feeling, tons of energy, and waist is already starting to get smaller. i look freaking awsome in the morning ( on an empty stomach - so far). its breaking away from mainstream products most people try here but give it a shot, i think you'll like it.

  10. any updates on how Leviathan works...how it compares to a AMP or Stim X....

  11. EDIT: Read the Rules.

  12. Yes... you are not a sponsor here, and would be stepping on some toes if you do advertise your product as such. Maybe think about sponsering the forum?

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