Na_rALA. "30%" stonger or 75% stronger?

  1. Na_rALA. "30%" stonger or 75% stronger?

    Your site says that Na is 30% stronger than K-rala.
    "15g Na-RALA = 20g K-RALA"

    But later goes on to give figures that show it is in fact 75% percent stronger. 70/40 = 1.75

    This thread isn't really a question, I just wanted to point that out for you, I think you may be doing it a disservice.

  2. not too sure what you mean

    but for K-R-ALA IT'S 40% of actives

    for NA-R-ALA it's 70% meaning for 200mg capsule of na-r-ala it's 140mg pure na-r-ala, the rest is filler(s)

  3. Damn, I didnt even notice NP had this yet. This is THE BEST r-ALA you can take for the price.

    Just out of curiosity, when (and if) do you plan to do caps of this?
    What other capped products are coming down the pipeline? Im really wanting higher extraction capped cissus from NP.
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. No, the rest is not filler. The "40%" in KRALA refers to the active load; the 60% remaining is inactive load pertaining to the potassium salt form of ALA in question.

    I don't know how much filler is used in the caps, but it has nothing to do with product specs.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by raptor2003
    not too sure what you mean
    As I said.. on the NP site it says in the openning gambit that Na is 30% stronger.

    What they've done is: 70%-40% = 30%
    which is obviously fine...

    but that's not at the same as saying it's 30% stronger. It's 75% stronger than k-rala!



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