DCP & stims?

  1. Question DCP & stims?

    So does DCP have any stims? I took lipo6 in morning, saw my doc couple hrs later & he freaked, my bp was 143 over 105 . Its somewhat high any way. Was 124 over 90 2 days b4. so he prescribed Altice. i want something but need to cut out the stims.

  2. ohyeah, I got my order yesterday so i will start di- creatine & AEE soon.

  3. There are no stims in DCP at all.

    Though I should mention that Stims combine very well WITH DCP. I definitely like coffee, DCP, and Dicana...and I have heard good things about Stim X thrown in there, too.
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  4. Yikes! I wouldn't worry so much about DCP at this point... bro, get some cycle support and adjust your diet for cardiovascular health. With that being said, I'm taking t3, clen cycled with hyderdrive, and DCP. Right now, my worst BP reading hasn't hit that.

    I'm not trying to hit ya for using DCP/anything else, nor am I saying you have a poor diet, but unless this is purely genetic, you might want to re-evaluate somethings.


  5. Good catch, Larry...I apologize for not reading closely enough.

    You definitely want to get your BP taken care of. Check celery seed extract and definitely follow up with your doctor.
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  6. Genetics. Im 32, 5'9" 174 lbs 18.2% bf.. My dad has high bp & my moms has a heart condition. I was 168 lbs 14.8% bf in aug. My goal was 10-12% by end of year but hurt my back squating in nov. So was laid up for a month & half during the holidays, & put on weight, none of it good. I got back in gym 2 weeks ago. I do have a high triglyceride problem. It was 444, then got to 320 in 6 months taking fish oil, polisconal & niacin. It was going down to till got hurt. Now its 524, Dr said to get back on sups i was taking & get back in the gym for that. He is more worried about my bp now. I do 20 min sprint interval cardio on treadmill, recumbent, or elliptical 4-5 times a week. Weights 4-5x a week. Diet is good. alot of chicken breast, tuna, egg whites, beef 1-2x a week, non fat milk & whole wheat bread. I took the LIpo6 to speed up fat loss. So now I want to try something with no stims & the logs on DCP look good. I did get some celery seed extract & the Doc gave me Altice.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by frizzlerock
    Keep fighting that battle. I work in a hospital and conduct the research end of helping patients.

    I'm happy your doing everything you can to fight hypertension and hypercholesterolemia , but I'm sad that it's genetic. I wish you the best, and good luck.

    By the way, if you are going to try DCP, you'll love it.


  8. thx. i might order a bottle this friday. Just dont need to mess with my bp

  9. had to edit my "story" a little make it more coherent


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