ANABOLIC-PUMPô TransFormer Contest-Win LIFETIME supply

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    ANABOLIC-PUMPô TransFormer Contest-Win LIFETIME supply

    Hello Machines,

    Win FREE Lifetime Supply Of Anabolic-Pump!!

    Jacob here from with some very exciting news...

    By now you have either received your supply of Anabolic-Pump or have
    read how people are feeling the awesome effects after their very
    first dose. The results so far have been amazing and they will only
    get better...

    I must admit it's very exciting and fulfilling to be able to bring
    such a life-changing product to you.

    So I was thinking that I wanted to do something for YOU. A simple
    (but very exciting) "Thank You".

    We at USP Labs have decided to sponsor a contest...Where you can win
    a lifetime supply of Anabolic-Pump. Yes, you read that right...A
    LIFETIME supply of Anabolic-Pump!

    Introducing the Anabolic-Pump Transformation Contest...

    Here's the deal...

    The contest runs from 4 weeks to as long as 12 weeks. It's your call
    to decide. You dont have to buy a ton of product to enter this
    contest. All you have to do is pick up a minimum one 1 bottle of
    Anabolic-Pump. That's it! (Although after you use it, you will want
    much, much more).

    All you have to do is take a few pictures and record your weight each
    week. That's it!

    You must enter by January 19th, 2007.

    Here's how to enter...

    1. Email your name and Anabolic-Pump receipt (from wherever you
    purchased from) to [email protected]

    2. Take Front picture (JPEG file) on Day 1 and then again every 4
    weeks%DO NOT stick your stomach out on before shots. Hold newspaper
    in hand so date can be proven. On after pics DO try and make yourself
    look good. Lighting is important so take a few pics so you can pick
    the best. The goal is to make the best transformation in the shortest
    amount of time. Even if you get a great transformation after a few
    weeks, continue with the contest as you may win multiple categories
    (i.e fastest transformation & overall winner).

    3. Record your weight. Next week each person who enters will be
    emailed a 1 page sheet so they can track their progress.

    4. When you take final after pics simply email sheet (which is being
    sent next week) along with pics to [email protected]
    <mailto:[email protected] m>
    . This must be done by April 19th, 2007

    Now to the fun part, the prizes!

    Grand Prize to Overall Winner...Lifetime Supply of Anabolic-Pump

    4 Runner-Up Prizes...1 year Supply Of Anabolic-Pump

    These 4 runner-up prizes will go to the following category winners...

    -Quickest Transformation

    -Quickest Fat Loss

    -Highest Amount Of Fat Loss

    -Highest Amount Of Muscle Gained

    We at USP Labs will judge contest and winners will be announced by
    May 1, 2007. You don't have to write a stupid essay in this contest.
    All you have to do is train and take Anabolic-Pump.

    I look forward to seeing your entry


    Jacob Geissler

    P.S. Remember to email your name and Anabolic-Pump receipt to
    [email protected]
    right away!

  2. You guys had to start this contest after I had already put my order in this month, dang it

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickW
    You guys had to start this contest after I had already put my order in this month, dang it

    Nick, I will send you a few free! Pm address.,

  4. can we use other supps as well or does it have to AP stand alone?

  5. is the contest open to Canadians?



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