formestane the sequel

  1. formestane the sequel

    havent had an update for awhile, just want to make sure it remains a priority. i for one would be willing to pay more for high quality form. if price is the issue go for it. personally i think 30 bucks would be fair for 6 gm of formestane and a bottle of penetrate. i would be willing to go 40 bucks if thats what it takes.

  2. Bigt, you should be in sales or publicity lol. I have no doubt that NP will get this in stock, just the waiting may be the hardest part(Tom Petty say's it best). The combo deal is a good idea to.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  3. How's your hard on, bigt?

  4. its getting bigger everyday but thanks for asking, if dsade dont get moving on this its gonna be the goodyear formestane is good for alot of different things, and it really works. with so many hit or miss supps on the market this is one that hits the bullseye. and it wont flatten your wallet.

  5. I have a bottle of Eform sitting on my fridge. should I use it?

  6. hahahahaha poison you are a real character. glad to hear from you. a little humor never hurts.

  7. No, seriously, how is it standalone? I forget why I bought it, even, but hate to throw it away. I have a bottle of Biotest 4AD transderm too, but just never used it. :huh:
  8. Talking

    give it a try see what you think.


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