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  1. My DCP log

    Hey guys, just wanted to finally get this log started. I started on the DCP on Tuesday afternoon and have been doing the "loading" phase of 9 a day, which will continue for 2 more days. My goal is to shed about 15-20 lbs. of fat by the end of January. I realize this is quite ambitious, but I figure aim for the moon, reach the stars, whatever yadda yadda. So far I have definitely noticed increased body temperature, which I seem to find most notable shortly after eating a meal, while working out and shortly thereafter, and at night, which started last night. Some basic info:

    23 Years Old
    6'3 268 Lbs. as of tonight
    No idea on Bf%, but I will put up before pictures this weekend once I am home, and update every two weeks or so
    Diet: 300-350 grams of protein a day, 60 grams carbs 3 times a day- First thing in the morning, pre and post wo (this is when I take yellow gold)
    Approximately 100-125 grams a day of fat
    And also another 50 grams of misc. carbs thrown in throughout the day, from milk and other sources
    So basically- 200-250 carb/300-350 protein/100-125 fat
    2900-3525 calories a day, depending on my workout and what not
    My workout goes something like this:
    Workout A: Chest, shoulder triceps- 2-3 exercises each, done as a rest pause. In other words, it's like 3 sets kinda rolled into one, about 6-8 seconds between each set. Also like to throw in some drop sets and the like on occasion, as I like to keep the intensity and fat burning up. Approximately 45 minutes of light cardio at the end on the treadmill, usually 3.5 mph and 5-10 incline

    Workout B: Back, biceps, traps- 2-3 exercises each, done in the same rest pause style, followed by cardio in the same fashion.

    Workout C: legs- also usually done in a rest pause type fashion, except for squats for safety reasons, then cardio

    Workout D: Chest, shoulders, and tris again, 3 exercises for 2 slow, controlled sets of 12-15 followed by cardio

    Workout E: Back, bis, traps, 3 exercises each for 2 slow sets of 12-15, followed by cardio again

    It usually goes like this:
    Sunday: off
    Monday: A
    Tuesday: B
    Wednesday: cardio only
    Thursday: C
    Friday: D
    Saturday: E

    If I don't feel like I am making sufficient progress, I am going to try some different forms of cardio and possibly bump it up to 7 days a week. As previously mentioned, I usually do light cardio for an extended period of time, and today I definitely noticed the increased capacity for cardio that dsade mentioned in the DCP thread.

    Other supplements: Multivitamin, Whey, Muscle Milk occasionally, vitamin E, a couple grams of Vitamin C a day lately because I have been sick, Yellow gold, 2 sesamin a day, fish oil, and gaspari sizeon. Although this is quite a lengthy list, I should be able to judge DCP's effects accurately as I have been using all of these for at least 2 weeks now. As far as non-supplements go, I am also prescribed 40 mg a day of Ritalin, which tends to limit the amount of stimulants I can take. I have also been on this since the summer, so I feel as if I can tell what difference the DCP is making. If anyone has any questions, advice, etc., just lemme know, and I am sorry if anyone actually took the time to read all of this. And thanks to dsade for the chance to do this, have never done any of these before

  2. Looking forward to the log man. I'm hoping for good things with this product.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Looking forward to the log man. I'm hoping for good things with this product.
    Yep, I think this is a great looking product. I actually used melting point before for a month awhile back and had good results, but had some nasty cramping for the last week or so. I believe there is potassium in here for that though

  5. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on the last few days to update. I had to finish up my finals and pack up all my stuff the last couple days and spent last night at my girlfriend's house. I am heading to the gym now for some cardio and I'll update tonight, and oughta have pictures tonight or tomorrow.

  6. Excellent...I am excited to see pictures.
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  7. Alright so far it's only been about four days, but I am already seeing some noticable effects. First, I weighed in at 265 today after my workout, so I am down 3 lbs. from when this all started. This could be any number of things, but if I am trying to lose fat it's usually a good thing. Second, this is gonna sound stupid, but ever since about the 2nd day, if I don't keep myself cool, sweating is pretty much inevitable. I get a pronounced warming effect from this stuff, most notably shortly after meals. In addition, I am also noticing a rise in libido. I actually noticed this before dsade even mentioned it, and had no idea what to attribute it to. Also, I am noticing the increased cardio capacity while on this stuff. As I mentioned earlier, I usually do my cardio around 3.5 on an incline from anywhere to 5.0-7.5. I fractured my leg towards the end of september and was on crutches for a lot of october, so I have been easing my way back into things. However, the last three days I have noticed that at my standard 3.5 mph setting, it just feels too easy. Granted, 3.5 mph isn't fast in pretty much anyone's opinion, but I keep my cardio fairly light and go for 45 minutes at a time, so I like to keep a steady pace. However, I have had to ramp up the incline to 8.0 and speed anywhere from 3.5 to 4.0, depending on the incline. Because I am relying on a lot of cardio for my weight loss, this is an absolute godsend. Anyways, I have been keeping to my diet for the most part since I started, until today. My parents had some friends over and had a ton of food cooked up, and I decided to test out the damage control capabilities. I will say I felt less bloated than normal afterwards, and look a little less bloated than I normally do after a massive cheatfest. In addition, I took a serving of yellow gold beforehand. I have been on yellow gold for about 2 weeks, but usually I take it before meals that are usually at least 2/3 complex carbs, usually more. However, DCP and YG before my meal today, which was full of chicken tenders, nachos, brownies, etc., resulted in one big sweaty nap. The YG made me go ridiculously hypo, and despite all my effort to stay awake, I missed the end of the Redskins game . So far, the only downside I have had from the DCP would be that the sweating sometimes gets a little excessive. By this, I mean that I will have a light sweat when it isn't really hot, not saying that I am pouring sweat all the time. So basically to recap so far:
    1. down 3 lbs.
    2. increased cardio capacity
    3. increased libido
    4. increased thermogenesis

    My parent's digital cam is at my dad's work, but I will have it tomorrow night to get the pics up, as I want to get pictures up while they are still "before" status. In addition, if anyone wants to know anything else, let me know, I know I tend to ramble and forget details. In addition, let me know if anyone would like to see info from a workout or anything, I wasn't gonna put any numbers up unless my lifts went drastically up or down because I am more concerned with fat loss, but I am new to this so I am up for any suggestions.

  8. Hey guys...can anyone tell me how to attatch thumbnails? Thanks in advance

  9. Right below the first tab to submit reply you will see a button that says "manage attachments". That would be that thar place.

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  10. Ok, I don't think I can do attatchments because I am not a gold member, or possibly because I am an idiot. Either way, I set this thing up with the pictures, lemme know if it works. They aren't very flattering, but I guess no one would buy dsade's stuff if i looked good in the before picture

    warnerve83's photos and albums on webshots

  11. You have a lot of muscle mass to work with. Can't wait to see the results.

    You are a great choice for this product log.
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  12. Yeah, I am definitely impressed with this stuff so far...if only you had came out with it like 8 years ago before the damage started. I am ordering another bottle and running it til the end of january or so, so I'll keep this going until then and put up pictures again in like 3 weeks, and again at the end. I'm also gonna copy and paste some of this into the log forum and over at mind and muscle too whenever I get around to it, I read over there a lot but have never registered. I also didn't realize this til today, but this stuff is definitely slowing my appetite down some as well. I didn't notice this at first because it's a struggle to eat much of anything the first few hours after I take my ritalin, but I haven't been taking it the last few days to give my CNS a break now that the semester is over and I feel full a whole lot faster. You should definitely take this product mainstream eventually, it should be very effective and uneducated people looking to lose weight will feel the increased sweating and think this stuff is the cat's pajamas

  13. Quote Originally Posted by warnerve
    You should definitely take this product mainstream eventually, it should be very effective and uneducated people looking to lose weight will feel the increased sweating and think this stuff is the cat's pajamas
    Are you implying that it ISN'T?
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  14. In no way, shape or form did i mean to imply that DCP is not the cat's pajamas

  15. Hey guys, just wanted to give an update finally, been busy the last few days. Still seeing the main benefits: increased sweating/temperature, increased libido, better cardio capacity. I haven't noticed any of the cramping yet that is often associated with TTA, although in the past I didn't notice this til the 3rd or 4th week. The cardio benefits have been great, as I have gone 45 minutes of cardio every day since I started, so it has gone about 9 days straight. As long as it doesn't hinder my leg training and fits into my schedule, I plan to keep this going. One new issue that has arrived in the last couple days- some GI distress for a little while after meals. This isn't any kind of major stomach cramping or heartburn, just a bit of gas for awhile, nothing majorly uncomfortable. I haven't weighed myself since my last update, as I feel doing so once a week or so gives me a better perspective. I will say that I have decreased my carbs and calories, which in the past has always lead to decreased strength in my case. This has not been the case at all so far, although it's only been a little over a week, so we will see what happens. I will say I have tried a lot of different stuff, and as far as the warming effect and increased sweating this is the strongest I have used.

  16. Sorry I didn't update sooner, went out of town for christmas and stayed an extra day and a half. Basically, I went for three days, didn't work out any, ate bad two of the days, and...weighed 2 lbs. less than last time i weighed myself. I really feel like this stuff is working well and seem to be seeing some results. One thing I have noticed: if I have a day where I overeat heavily, this stuff makes my stomach pretty upset. Not unbearably bad, but from what I have heard similar to if someone who was lactose intolerant drank milk, i.e. gas, bloating, mild stomach cramp, etc. This isn't meant to scare anyone away and isn't meant as a gripe, as this is actually good for me, since I am trying to drop a lot of fat and tend to let my diet go on occasion. I emphasize that this is ONLY on the days I heavily overate, not when I eat a normal sized decent diet. If any other testers or anyone in the know has any idea of a different dosage time or anything that can stop such stomach problems, please let me know. I am also still feeling great results with the cardio endurance, I played an hour of basketball tonight then did the treadmill for 25 minutes and I felt great. I will weigh myself again in a few days and have new pictures up in about 2 weeks, then again at the end of january. Now that I am all settled in at home from school and christmas is over, I can do a better job of updating this, my apologies to dsade and RPN for my halfass job so far.

  17. Looking good.
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  18. Not a whole lot new to report, just did cardio the last couple days. Now that I am back to normal eating, I have had no more stomach issues, and also still no cramping or lethargy from the TTA. When I used melting point before I noticed the cramping around the 3-4 week mark, so I will be on the lookout for it. I will say that if you get this stuff take advantage of the cardio benefits, it has been a big help. I am planning on cutting my calories back a little more in the next week or so, and was gonna add in the masspump stack and some bulk powerfull to keep me up to par in the gym if that's kosher with you dsade.

  19. so how bad is the sweating when you're not working out? Are sweating while u sleep?

  20. Sweating during the day while not working out subsided for the most part after a week or so, unless I am somewhere uncomfortably warm. While sleeping, I sweat quite a bit even when I am in a cold area. While working out I sweat more than usual, and I already am a heavy sweater as is. I will give a better update tonight after the gym, and if anyone is wondering anything else lemme know.

  21. How's the fatloss?
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  22. hmmm...guess that would be a worthwhile thing to include. Fat loss is going well as I look noticably leaner, although this is being masked in some areas by some water retention I have picked up in the last week or so. I figured this would happen, as I had water retention with melting point. I have upped my water to about 2 gallons a day to see if this helps and have also cut down to about 120 grams of carbs a day. Now I am just waiting to add in the berberine caps

  23. Haha...still waiting for the berberine to even arrive in country, then it goes out to get capped.
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  24. Ok, I weighed in this morning at 258 , which is 10 lbs. lost from when I started ~3.5 weeks ago. I can definitely notice that I look leaner, and have really liked this product a lot. Haven't had the cramping that I had with MP, so I guess the potassium pyruvate is helping a lot. I am gonna be buying at least one more bottle of this, and am gonna keep this log going for awhile to motivate myself, and also because I will be able to update daily once I get back to school at the end of the month. All that being said, only issue I have really had lately is water retention, but as I mentioned in an earlier post I seem to pick up water retention from quite a few products. In addition, I have actually gained a little strength during this time period, although I believe that is likely to be attributed to the Sizeon i have been taking as opposed to DCP.

  25. Oh yeah, also I plan on putting up pictures sometime later this week and I will continue to do so every 3-4 weeks. Dsade, do you think there would be any issues with using this stuff 3 months straight?


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