Turkesterone, cissus and NHA Stack

  1. Turkesterone, cissus and NHA Stack

    How well do you think these would do for post cycle therapy from a 3 wk superdrol cycle, with some SERM of course? Are these enough?

    I have all of the above which I definitely plan to stack.

    I also have the following in my supp vault (all from Nutr of course):

    Bulk Powerfull
    Blue Up
    Creatine gluconate
    Citrulline malate
    Glycerol Mono Stereate

  2. Sounds like you have it nailed down.The Turk is supposed to be very good at preserving muscle mass during a cut so I would venture to say that it should help greatly during PCT.

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  3. Definitely looks good.
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  4. I'm using my turk for PCT

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dsade
    Definitely looks good.
    Thanks I just placed the order today for the NHA stack.

    Took a look at my order history OMG!! can't believe I've spent that much money on supps. Screw crack, you guys are like crystal meth, addictive, explosive and corrosive to the wallet. LOL

    So how much do I have to spend to start getting those cool samples every one gets so happy about? LOL

    Just Kidding you guys really do rock ( like crack cocaine rock)



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