Christmas Present - NutraPlanet Store Credit

  1. Christmas Present - NutraPlanet Store Credit

    Well, it's Thanksgiving and I'm having the usual "what you want for christmas" from all my family members. The thing is, I don't want anything except supplements to help assist me in my goals. I was thinking, man it would be great if I could tell my family to buy me gift certificates to NutraPlanet. Knowing this wasn't feasible, thought about store credit. How feasible is this?

    Btw, Happy Thanksgiving

  2. In the works my friend

  3. yeah great idea. when i tell my family members what to order for me, i have to listen to their bs. much better to tell them im just getting vitamins. last time i had my sister order me pheradrol for my birthday, thought i would never hear the end of that. 1 good thing though, she now buys her multi's and fish oils from nutra planet. she freaked when she saw how much cheaper np is than gnc. doh no ****

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