BulkUSP Powerfull, How the results going?

  1. BulkUSP Powerfull, How the results going?

    I'm still waiting on my bulk powerfull and just wanted to see if anyone has tried it yet to see how it is. I have 200 grams, which by the look of it doesn't look like much because it's a small container. So let's here it.

  2. I got bulk yellow gold and it didnt look like much but the dosing is small so I think looks can be decieving. As far as powerfull, i bought it in caps because that was fairly cheap as well so it wasnt worth the hassle of the bulk powder

  3. I've tried the B. Powerfull for about 5 days now. Sleep has been good, not long, but deep and refreshing. Libido and wood have been the most pronounce, as I can just be sitting in class and suddenly boing I'm really ready to learn. Strength and other things I've yet to notice, but we'll see.
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  4. I've been using powerFull for over a month and several people have commented that I'm more aggressive.

    I also have a slight libido increase as well.

    Sleep is good. Strength is good also.

  5. Thats good to hear cause I plan on ordering a couple hundred grams myself here soon..Gonna stack it with the super Cissus..

  6. Recovery and sleep have improved. Most importantly, libido is A okay

  7. i'm mixing it 50/50 with Muira Puama and taking around 5gms a day, results are great, into my third week with two more to go then onto yellow gold

    i mixed the two together and then capped it, capping is a real pain in the a*s but once done, it's a lot more convient to dose incorporated it into my pct after running a 4 week pp/zol/trn cycle, stil holding all the gains & strenght still slighlty improving, Bulk Powerfull & Muira Puama combo IMO are real decent stack!!

    also been using the bulk cissus as this is the only one i can get, seems to be ok, experiencing no joint pain etc

    hanging out the the new 10% cissus though


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