LAST CHANCE: Xtend Watermelon Blowout SALE!!!

  1. Exclamation LAST CHANCE: Xtend Watermelon Blowout SALE!!!

    Novemeber is the last month to take advantage of the HUGE savings on the Xtend Watermelon! We hopefully have enough stock to continue this sale until the end of the month, so don't miss out on the incredible savings, because...SALE ENDS AT THE END OF THE MONTH OR WHEN OVERSTOCK SUPPLIES RUN OUT (whichever comes first).

    LAST CHANCE: HUGE Xtend Watermelon Blowout Extravaganza at NutraPlanet!


  2. im gonna jump on it!


  3. When you guys getting more in stock? I put in an order in on thursday and it still hasnt shipped out. Thanks.

  4. Rx Lift, email us your order # and I'll check and see what the hold up is.

    [email protected] m

  5. Thursday is the last day to take advantage of this AMAZING DEAL!

  6. Last CALL! Today is THE LAST DAY to take advantage of the Xtend Blowout SALE!

  7. Mine is coming


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