Thanks Guys, Again...

  1. Thanks Guys, Again...

    Thank you guys for the sample of the rasberry ketones with my order, that was so ausome of you. I wasn't expecting it, just thought that my request would be ignored like bulk nutrition always did. You guys listened, and that is why I only order through you now. Now I just need one more shirt with my next order which I think is going to be in a few days because I can't fricken stop ordering with all the deals you have every other day! I need a NutraPlanet Annonymos help group.

  2. We will be offering a free week's membership in NA....with every order placed.
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  3. NutraPlanet Annonymous!

    Step one: We admitted we were powerless and that our lives had become unmanageable
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  4. lol, ok I got it now. Sometimes I feel like I am on autoship with NP, and autoship that comes to my door once a week!



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