Who the hell packed my order?!!!

  1. Who the hell packed my order?!!!

    ...and got it to my house so damn fast? It arrived in about a day and a half.

    Sam needs to give that guy a raise!

    Thanks to a great company,

  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    I think nutra has found out the time continuum thing, thats the only way I can explain it.

  3. Unbreakable
    David Dunn's Avatar

    The NutraPlanet Report is a supplement inventory system in which orders are submitted and processed before the user actually places the order using psychic technology.
    Life is a terminal condition.

  4. GD.. what's up buddy?

  5. Well, their flux capacitor is certainly working overtime. LOL

    Hey Ubiquitous...what's going on big guy? Great to see you.

  6. No doubt... I miss you guys. Give everyone my love.

  7. OK, I don't know who packed who's 'order', I don't really care. So get a room, you two!

  8. Once a bunch of guys start talking about "Who packed whose what", I am so out of this thread.
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