Controlled Labs Green Magnitude

  1. Controlled Labs Green Magnitude

    Is this expected in soon? it is holding up the order i placed today. Everything else is in. Thanks....

  2. We'll get your order out tomorrow

  3. thanks Sam!!

    did I qualify for the free monkey?

  4. ::::zzzziiipppp::::::

    Unleash the Monkey...and now is the time we dance on Shhhhprockets
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  5. is the order still shipping today??

  6. Hey mace ! Thanks for choosing CL !

  7. Hey PU, I just ordered GG and SG. So you guys have my money for awhile!! Can't wait for the Neuphoria!! Keep up the good work!


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