Frequent Shopper Miles!

  1. Thumbs up Frequent Shopper Miles!

    Ok, Sam, you guys have to set up a frequent shopper program or something, free shipping to those that order like every few days from you because we are addicted. I'm sure there is more than just me that would want this, because every other day there is a sale or a new product, you're marketing geniuses. Now help a brutha out. What do you say? What does everyone else say?

  2. I'm open to suggestions if it's within reason...

  3. Well, since I started this thread, I suggest we hear all the ideas from the members, and then vote on which one sounds the best. Thanks for rerouting my package so quickly too, might I say again, you are the best!

  4. Oh, that was problem! I charged your card a convenience fee for my inconvenience

  5. Hey I didn't charge you when I stripped naked for you in order to get faster shipping! Not fair! Now I'm charging!

  6. well, in my opinion, Sam does a GREAT job at marketing...I am one of those who are hooked on NutraPlanet...everytime I get a paycheck, an order goes out to's mostly a jug of MuscleMilk and some other supplement...but this time, I had to take advantage of the $20 P'full...with the 10% discount on the regular priced items...can it actually get better? probably my opinion, the best part of it all is opening the box only to find is my vote...FREEBIES in the box...THANKS SAM!

  7. by the way Sam, should I look forward to any freebies in my box that will be arriving from FedEx tomorrow?

  8. Yea, nude photos of him and dsade, or at least that was what I got last time

  9. I think this is a great idea and all, but sometimes I think if Sam did much more for us he would be losing money with these prices he already has

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth
    Yea, nude photos of him and dsade, or at least that was what I got last time
    I got one up on you...I got a pair dirty underwear signed by Sam

  11. Yea but mine came with a phone number and an address, plus 1 plane ticket! On a seriouse note, what would you think of a monthly shipping fee, so one could order as many times as they want. Might also increase sales too.

  12. 5 bucks over and over will be harsh cuz i don't think he's working with a HUGE margin here.. there's a lot of competition within the supplement industry..


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