Need some help ....

  1. Need some help ....

    I am trying to order some things from nutrplanet, but I cannot remember my password. I have even went to the forgot password area, and done everything it says, and I cannot reset it..... I am wanting to get in on the sell prices, but I am afriad I will lose out if I can't get in.. Not sure how long the prices will last.

    I have sent a PM to Stryder, and he always answers me, but I have not been able to get ahold of him to get some help..

    Anyone have any info that may help me out ???

  2. I'll see if I can make contact with anyone and point them in your direction.

  3. Sent a PM to Stryder,dsade and Grexx forwarding your concern Stinger. None seem to be on but it's the weekend I'm sure they will get back with your asap. Their Customer service is excellent.

  4. Thanks jayhawkk... I have tried every combo of passwords that I can think of. Case sensitive and all... No deal.

  5. Have you tried hotmansexstaringjayhawkk ? Make sure the caps lock is off.

  6. No, not on here anyway.. But I did try that password over at ... Awwwwww never mind...

  7. Just create a new account and order away. Nothing magical about the account you already created. If you don't already have more than one email account, go to hotmail/gmail/netscape etc. and create a free one.

  8. I was gonna do that, But I tryed, and it said that that account was already taken.. I will see about getting another one.. Will wait a bit to see if I can get a response from one the guys or gals at Nutra Planet...


  9. stinger...

    Send me an email with the items you want to order to [email protected]. I can't get into the system to access and reset your password, but I can make sure that first thing monday morning your password will be reset.

    The email is to make sure we can come back later and get you everything you want to order at the sale prices.
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  10. Stinger sent you a PM...if you are still having problems you can email me or dsade the order and we'll take care of it for you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  11. Like I said...Excellent customer service.

  12. Your not just a jokin Jayhawkk.. Stryder has always taken good care of me, and He and his staff are Top Notch people.

    I am still having trouble, but Stryder told me he would take care of it. May just got the route of having them place the order for me, But I really want to get this fixed so I will not have to keep bothering them.

    I appreicate all of the help everyone is giving...

  13. Talking to my webmaster right now...we are working to resolve this issue for you.

  14. Stinger, go ahead and create another account with the same email as before with the password of your choice. Once it's done, post up or email and let us know and we will merge your accounts. You can use the same email as before when signing up for this new account.

    This will be a temporary solution to get you on your way while we look into what is causing this.


  15. All is done Stryder.. Order has been placed and the new password is in place.

    I want to let everyone know that doing business with Stryder and his team is always a pleasure. Even if you have a problem, You can take it to the bank that these guys and gals will take care of you..

    Good, fair, honest and very professional people is what you get when you deal with NutraPlanet.

    Thanks again Stryder.

    Let me know if I need to do anything else..

  16. Your good to go now brotha

    BTW, I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Thank you...

  17. Awesome!

  18. Heck... Stryder and his crew took such good care of me, I turned right back around and ordered some protein too.

    Thanks again Stryder...

    People... Trust me... This guy will take care of you.. And he carries quality products as well.

    Give him a look..
    You can't go wrong.


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