NutraPlanet CEE Caps Now Available!

  1. Thumbs up NutraPlanet CEE Caps Now Available!

    The second product in the NutraPlanet capped line of products: CEE caps

    240 caps/bottle
    1500 mg/serving (750 mg/cap)


  2. Very nice addition I'm getting sick of mixing 25 powders in my shake.

  3. Now that's an innovation I can applaud. I Hate the taste of CEE.

  4. NICE, so even at 2 bottles a month (3000mg CEE so 4 caps twice daily, 240 needed for a month) that's still a nice low price, well done

  5. Holy momma! I thought paying 20 bucks for even half the CEE at Walmart was good but you just kicked me in the booty. I like the pain. I mean, the price. Thank you.

  6. Sounds good probably will be better for some, rather take the powder though....i hate swallowing pills.
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