Last Day for the USPLabs SALE!

  1. Last Day for the USPLabs SALE!

    Today is the LAST DAY! <--click me if you dare!

  2. Sneaky lil' Devil. As if I didn't already have a Nutraplanet window open!

  3. REM not available.

  4. nice deals.. too bad REM is gone.

  5. I placed my order this morning (16472) and REM was out then, and it still is now.

    Any chance we can get some kind of rain checks?

  6. Let me look into a raincheck idea. It might be too late for this sale, but that is not a bad idea for future sales.

    If we can get something together that won't be abused, then we will.
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  7. I updated the REM because it should be in anyday HAVE AT IT BOYS!!!


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