Bulk B5 / Pantothenic Acid - different than competitors'?

  1. Bulk B5 / Pantothenic Acid - different than competitors'?

    I just started my first bulk jar of B5 from you guys. I had previously used some from a competitor of yours, but I don't do business with them anymore since you guys are 1000x better.

    Anyhow, yours is very different, and frankly I'm wondering if I got a bad batch or something.

    Yours: off-white/cream-colored, lots of small clumps, horrible bitter taste like vomit

    Theirs: white, very very fine powder, never clumps, moderate acidic taste (very tolerable)

    Is this normal for the product you guys carry?

  2. Unbreakable
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    Did you get 'the other guys' house brand or Now brand. I experienced a big difference when someone I used to get it from started carrying his 'own brand' bulk powder.
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  3. It was their house brand, you know, the place where nutritional things are sold in bulk Not sure where they got it from, but I never tried Now's B5...

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