Super Excellent Service from NP -

Super Excellent Service from NP

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    Super Excellent Service from NP

    I just want to say thanks for always giving us the fastest shipping and best prices on everything we order. NutraPlanet has always had my stuff to me in 2-3 days tops, unreal!!!!!

    Thanks Sam

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    I second this. NP and Sam are simply the best right now and have been for a long time. I order exclusively from NP now-- I used another online store along with NP for years (before NP opened) but in the past couple months their service has dwindled while NP's has only improved.

    Just wanted to share my appreciation for NutraPlanet and the excellent products and service they provide us with. Thank you, guys!
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    Great thanks to both of you for your patronage. I know the feeling of waiting for my supplement order to arrive, and the frustration that comes from being disappointed after 3 days with no order.

    Just wait until the new system is implemented. We are shooting to have all orders placed before 4:00 p.m. EST to ship same-day - no matter how much our order volume increases.

    Your input is more valuable than anything will not be disappointed by NP like you have by other companies.
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