First Order At NP

  1. First Order At NP

    Just put in my first order at nutraplanet. Gonna give the Anagen/Fenotest stack a shot. Couldn't pass it up at this price. The checkout screen was a bit f'd up as far as text ontop of text, but i guess your working through all the glitches.

  2. If you are running on an older version of FireFox it may looked jacked up. Make sure you are operating on their latest version. To do this simply go to the top navigation bar and click on "Help" and click on "check for updates". If this doesn't help, please let me know.


  3. Nutraplanet also operates an IT help desk?

  4. Ordered yesterday evening(Sunday), already got shipping info today by lunchtime. I'm not a big fan of fedex, but yeh well. Any reason why no UPS option??

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