USPlabs Stacks

  1. USPlabs Stacks

    Just checking if the USPlabs stacks will be available for purchase again? I know all USP items are on sale which is why they may have been removed.

    I'm very happy with how PowerFULL is working for me and am looking forward to getting some CissusRX w/it. I know, I know, get the bulk Cissus...I don't have time to cap supps. Anyone try mixing bulk Cissus w/ their drinks? If so, what type of drinks are recommended? Protein, amino's (like Excell, etc), hmmm...that's pretty much all I drink besides water.

  2. We will have the stack back up, but now you can just click on the powerfull or cissus and it will show you the group buy price. This new method simply helps with inventory control.

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