2 questions-props and ket powder

  1. 2 questions-props and ket powder

    can us nutraplenet customers earn points or credits or money like on a program for like how much we buy? or maybe do something like Planetary Nutrition does- 2 dollars for every reveiw we have bought from the store and wrote a reveiew on it?

    other ideas's brainstorm with me guys
    for every 10 products of the same thing we buy we get one free
    for every 500 $ we spend we get 25 $ credited(idea though credited cpu codes)
    whatever just something thats good for customer service and will benefit us

    will nutraplanet be carrying ket(stuff in nizoral) powder anytime soon?

  2. Their products aren't cheap enough already?


  3. Heh, I was thinking maybe a VIP card if individual purchases go over a certain amount. Maybe an extra 5% or something...or maybe throw in a little freebie or something.

    However, Nutra's selection and especially service is outstanding and I never worry about my orders being delayed, lost, etc. In my opinion, we are shopping at Nutra more for service than products (seeing as how products are everywhere and prices are relatively the same).

    Discounts or not, Nutra is still one of the the best places, if not THE best place to shop.

  4. I agree this is one of the best places ever to buy bodybuilding products. i want to get even better deals . the employee knows the customer are ging to try to get the best deals we can.and if enough customers keep pushing for something then itll go gold. ultimately it is up to the employer. The employer(sam hong) has done such a good job because of the servce hes provided.Sam you are doing a great job my man! Great website and great customer service! I appreciate it

  5. Nutraplanet has hands down the best and most consistent customer service I've ever experienced. Moreover, the prices are either the lowest or darn near the lowest around.



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